An Insight into Cashless Hospitalization

Falling sick is one situation which is beyond your control. With the advent of new diseases every other day arising out of junked lifestyle, hectic and night working schedules, air, ground and sea pollutions, traffic jams, parking problems, etc one is prone to fall sick more often compared to the primitive days. Whereas the scientists are doing their job to bring about cures by the innovative and creative means to overcome the diseases, there is no doubt that for the general people day by day it has been becoming very difficult to cope up with the high doze of expenditure they have to incur on medication, hospitalization etc. The general people have to face two-edged sword. It is not possible for them to leave all their work and spend time on poorly maintained government hospitals. On the other hand, it is equally difficult for them to spend in cash the exorbitant hospital bills. So in a nutshell as the scientists and doctors have to be innovative and creative to treat diseases, the general people have be aware about the measures to combat health related issues and sudden medical emergency arising out of it.

Cashless Hospitalization

One great measure to help you relax during any health emergency and manage the out of the way finances is by going in for a suitable healthcare insurance policy, which offers you the best compensation, commensurate with your investment vis-a-vis your basic needs and requirements. In the most competitive insurance business world of today, you have innumerable options to opt for healthcare policies, which offer you cashless hospitalization. You have general health insurance plans, personal accident plans, mediclaim insurance plan, critical illness insurance plan, etcThere are choices to buy any health insurance policy as per your preference from the numerous insurance companies around you. Mediclaim Insurance Plan and Critical Illness Insurance Plan are the best chosen plans one should buy. In both plans you have cashless facilities which gives you financial independence to tackle any medical needs required for self or individual. For any kind of treatment in the network hospitals, the insurer provider and the hospital will settle the bills through a third party administrator without the need of you paying anything towards the bill depending upon the coverage of your health insurance p olicy.

The following are the facilities available vis-a-vis cashless norms in various insurance agencies for various healthcare plans:

  • The best advantage is that you enjoy peace of mind
  • 50-60% No Claim Bonus (NCB) on renewal if no claim was made the previous year
  • Cashless facilities in very many hospitals towards hospitalization, hospital charges, room rent, doctor's fee, surgery, etc.
  • Income tax deductions under section 80D and 80DD of Income Tax Act.
  • Benefits till old age by continuing renewal of policy every year.
  • Allowed to shift your insurance plan to any other insurer for better facilities.
  • Provision to add many features for the family within a single insured sum by paying a small extra amount.
  • Easy and satisfactory settlement of claims

NOTE: The only care you have to take is that the premium always stands paid in time.

Cashless Hospital List – Online Quotes

Every reputed insurance company has list of thousands of empanelled hospitals which offer cashless facilities. They are spread all over India. But every individual may like to choose from the list which is suitable for him/her, e.g. what type of facilities are available in which hospital, how far they are from one's residence, what are the transport means etc. Every company may have deviations in the list compared to other ones. So it is advisable to first make up your mind as to which insurance agency you want to hire and then ask for the list from that company.

For this it is better to go for online insurance. Call for online quotes from some reputed insurance companies. Sort out two/three good ones. Then go in for question and answers with these two/three without feeling shy of asking as many question as you want. Also ask these companies about the list of hospitals. Ultimately choose the best one suitable for you.

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