Affordable Health Insurance Offers Wide Coverage Within Your Budget

None can deny the importance of getting health insurance because of the rising medical costs. However in order to get its benefits, do you have to spend a lot? No. You can easily find affordable health insurance. These policies charge very little annually, but give a wide range of benefits through their coverage. By signing up for such policies, you and your family can stay protected and cope with unexpected and sudden medical expenses.

What Is The Coverage Offered By A Basic Health Insurance Policy?

Weather it is a case of hospitalization due to severe illness or just a routine check-up, the policy will make payment, so that you can get on with treatment and recuperate from your health problems. Here is a look at the basic coverage provided by health insurance :

  • You can get cashless treatment in any of the hospitals falling under the insurer's network.
  • Expenses arising before and after hospitalization will be covered by the policy
  • It offers payment for day-care procedures

Generally, a basic policy is not going to cost much, so you will not find premiums difficult to bear. However if you take on more coverage, the cost will go up. Those who are opting for critical illness coverage can make a claim on the policy, in the event that they are diagnosed with an illness that falls under the insurer's list of critical illnesses. Look into the benefits offered by a policy and then proceed to sign it up.

If you are middle-aged or into your senior years, don't think that you cannot avail health insurance because of age. It is available for a child of two-years to someone who is sixty-five. There is a policy available for every age group.

Personal accident insurance

You can also opt for personal accident coverage through which you get compensation if an accident causes injury for which treatment is required at the hospital. It also pays out for temporary disability, permanent disability and loss of life due to the accident. It pays out for loss of life or permanent disability when travelling in a public transport system. This coverage is applicable when you live in India and also when you go abroad. By opting for this coverage as part of your health insurance policy, you can avail its benefits as take it as a separate policy.

Now, you can apply for an online personal accident policy to get it quickly. Visit the insurance company's website to get a quote for personal accident coverage. Once you find the cost, fill in an online application form and submit it to the site they will give a policy number after which you can begin paying premiums.

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