ACT Cloud Version is Secure and Reliable Method to Host The Client Data

Customer management software by Sage enterprise is called ACT. It is evident that customers are key to the success of a business because they are the source that drives sales and development of the company hence an enterprise must have a secure database to manage all the information of prospect and existing customers. ACT is robust customer management software for businesses to manage all the customer data in one destination by Sage. The customer data and information at one destination makes users easier to access the data. All the data of clients at one source makes commerce and accounting simplified. The automated system ACT automatically saves data in the defined destination thus making business more scalable. Sage developed and marketed ACT for the industry to let them manage their client contact in one database system for small enterprises, medium sized firms and startups. ACT is embraced by startup firms to improve their company business and setup the company trade. The application has many features loaded which attract global clients and business to manage their customer database. ACT application runs on any device like a Smartphone, tablet, computer or a laptop as the application is very compatible to any device and users can work as per their convenience. Most devices have compatibility to ACT application which is precisely because of the scalability of the software to make users conveniently access the data. ACT Cloud VersionACT Cloud VersionWe offer Act! cloud service to give you anywhere and anytime access to your cloud Act! application. Act in the cloud with 24X7 support, 30 days free data backup and many more.Users or professionals should know the application functionality to work with it however Sage offers 30 day free trial application to learn the system. It is a trial process for the global users to know the customer contact management application. ACT allows multiple users of an enterprise to access the application and collaborate on the real time system. All the users of the enterprise have access to the application when they have login access to the application. ACT cloud version hosting is online access of the application. Businesses must decide on the ACT hosting method on cloud or desktop to host the customer data. Desktop hosting is on premise hosting of the application while cloud is online hosting of the application which is a legacy approach managed by professionals on local servers which has high operating cost to operate the application. The ACT cloud version solution is hosted on remote web servers and accessed by valid users with a secure login.

ACT cloud version hosting is low cost solution and has less expense to manage the application online. All the client data and files hosted on web remote servers are encrypted that is read by authorized users only securely. ACT is a reliable solution as it is highly secure and operated with bank level protection for the hosting. Online services are managed by Hosting providers who offer daily backups, data management system and 24*7 customer support services.

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