Accounting Applications And The Need For Accountants

While the use of accounting applications means that the business has time to devote to the functions of the business it was established for and the application doing much of the accounting works for the management, it is no substitute for the expertise that accountants provide. This is not to say that a number of junior staff can be done away with. It is the decision-making a level that needs the advice of an expert – something the apps can only complement but not supplant altogether. The topic these days is whether technology is replacing human jobs is as relevant to the job of accountants as well.

Yes, use of automated system does make for a job easier done, for books maintained without many errors. However, this does not mean the absence of fraudulent bookkeeping. Moreover, because the software works on garbage in garbage out philosophy, only expert personnel can be made to be sure the inputs are properly done. The app also comes with assurances that the Yes, the app makes sure that the tax obligations are met in a timely manner. This does not necessarily mean the app is coordinated with whatever provisions have been put in place by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Moreover, if not updated, fines are applied to the business. In addition, the apps may not be well-versed in the matters that can make tax accounting beneficial to the business, including for example how tax credits can be obtained or how tax avoidance (not to be confused with tax evasion) can be done.

Yes, the apps are marketed as being easy to use. Nevertheless, this does not mean anyone with zero knowledge of accounting can operate it, however much the dashboard is easy to operate or however much the menus are self-describing. Moreover, if accounting ignorant person uses it, then the results produced cannot be relied on. A little bit of training (or guidance) by the vendor of the apps is needed to impart full functionalities.

While keeping books is a must, the owners can try a hand at it. On the other hand, they can make use of applications. Alternatively, they can employ accountants. The last two options help in freeing the time of the owners and help in concentrating the core business activities. While each of these two has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is up to the owners to choose the best course of action.

So, while the technology that has been evolving over the past decades has been able to make redundant professionals from diverse fields, apps have different impacts to various careerists. Tax Preparers, New Account Clerks, Data Entry Keyers, Timing Device Assemblers and Adjusters, Bookkeeping, and Auditing Clerks are jobs with impacts in descending order as found out by various studies conducted. However, the jobs with decision-making responsibilities are less likely to be impacted by the technological progress.

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