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Whether you are an independent contractor, a director of a small business or a larger company, our team of experts is here to help you with your finances.

Keeping your house in order

Among the many services we offer, is maintaining your accounts.

Keeping financial records may sound complex but really it is just keeping up-to-date records on all the money coming into your business and all the money going out of it.

Not only it is a legal requirement (you need to keep your records for six years in case HMRC have any queries) it will help you keep track of your cash flow. Plus, having up-to-date records of your financial situation will allow you to make much better business decisions along the way.

Some people choose to employ a book-keeper to do their books but this will of course mean paying them a salary, National Insurance contributions etc

You could do your own book-keeping. However if compiling your accounts seems too daunting a task, it might be a better use of your time and resources to find an accountant to do it for you.

This is where we come in.

We will help you keep the correct records, stay on top of your cash flow and free you up to get on with what you do best – growing your business.

By letting us help you, you will also avoid the potential for really expensive mistakes.

One of the prime purposes of any accountants is to keep you and your business fully compliant with the relevant authorities. We will therefore make sure we get the best information from you so your accounts and returns are always accurate.

Together, we will ensure your business operates in accordance with all relevant reporting regulations.

Clear reporting

We will provide you with full statutory year-end financial statements, as well as monthly or quarterly management accounts, and we can help you with the preparation of budgets and projections.

Once your accounts have been prepared, we will examine the key ratios and comparisons relevant to your business.

Our aim is to present you with all the information in a clear and concise manner, giving you a snapshot of your business performance, and discuss with you all the relevant issues to help you achieve continuing success.

Our specialist accounting services include:

  • Financial accounts/statutory accounts (financial statements)
  • Management accounts
  • Projected accounts
  • Self-employment accounts
  • Partnership accounts

We have a team of highly skilled staff who can talk you through how it all works. If you would like to discuss how we could help you with your accounts, please contact us today to talk to one of our accountants in East London.

Cloud-based accounting

If you are concerned about keeping costs down, then talk to us about cloud-based accounting software.

Our experienced book-keepers use software such as Sage or QuickBooks to maintain your statutory records and produce management reports from the completed records on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Because this software is kept on an external server (the cloud) it means you enter all your documentation and records into it from home with no need to send us any documents in the post.

It means you can access your financial records 24/7 and give you peace of mind that your valuable financial information is securely backed up. And it means both you and your accountant can see the financial information in real-time. Having this information at your fingertips, will mean your business decisions will be better and smarter.

Jason Fox Mare is a Senior Accountant. He has more than over 20 years of exprience.Please contact to arrange an initial consultation.

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