A Reputable Critical Illness Insurance India Company Offers Great Benefits

It is surprising but true that though medical treatment has advanced, people are now succumbing more to health problems than before. Why? It is primarily because of lifestyle and habits. There is an increasing number of people affected by diabetes and blood pressure than earlier. These health conditions can cause a critical illness which results in hospitalization. How would you cope with such a situation on the financial front? You need critical illness insurance. What is it and why would you need it?

Why do you need critical illness insurance?

It is a form of health insurance that pays out if you are affected by a critical illness. You can get it from a critical illness insurance India company. Many people think that since they are young, there is no need to take such a policy. Actually, the number of young people succumbing to heath problems is on the rise. There are also people who feel that since they have no major health condition, why do they need this policy? A critical illness can strike very unexpectedly. In such a situation having insurance will reduce the financial burden of the situation, leaving you to focus on coping with the health problem.

Benefits of taking critical illness insurance

A critical illness policy offers much needed financial support during difficult times in your life. It gives a lump sum payment when you are diagnosed with a difficult medical condition. This helps to not just meet medical expenses but also manage other financial commitments such as credit card payments, school fees, loan payments for two-wheeler or car etc. This enables you to cope with the huge financial setback caused by the situation, till recovery can be made. Here is a look at the key benefits of this insurance:

  • You don't need to do a medical check up to get it, up to 45 years of age
  • It offers lifetime renewal so there is no age limit for renewing the policy
  • You can use it for getting a tax deduction under section 80 (D)
  • The claim process is easy
  • You can avail a discount every year at the time of renewal.

If you take a floater policy, coverage is also provided to your spouse and two dependent children.

How to make a claim?

The insurance company will have a list of critical illness for which it provides coverage and if the health condition you have falls in it, you can make a claim on the policy. In the event of a claim, fill in the claims form and submit it along with supporting medical documents. There is no need to go in person to the company to do this, as it can be completed online. The insurance company will check it up and payment will be made after thirty days of survival of the illness.

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