17 Reasons to Compare Travel Insurance

Traveling cannot be avoided but travel woes can be controlled. Travel hassles are common and can visit without prior warning. Travelers often come across unpleasant experiences like loss of valuables, accidents, damages, sudden health crisis, emergency medical evacuation, etc in foreign lands.Such aspects can not only ruin your holiday frolic, but also lead to financial devastation. The emotional trauma is common in travel woes. The emotional trauma is irreplaceable and has to be dealt with courage; but the financial devastation can be protected.

How? Travel Insurance is the simple answer. Is it worth!Travel insurance is a necessity and ignoring it can make you vulnerable to travel perils. The experts always recommend comparing travel insurance before making a decision. If you compare insurance, you will be in a position to opt for the most suitable and appropriate travel insurance plan. Buying travel insurance is not an uphill task and can be purchased online instantly.

Note: One can travel with ease and peace after buying travel insurance. It will give complete coverage in India as well as in foreign nations. Always opt for an all inclusive insurance policy to get cover for medical expenses, medical evacuation and trip cancellation.

Significance of Choosing Travel Insurance:

  • Travel Insurance provider often gives a complete cover in home country as well as foreign countries
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation from isolated and remote areas are covered
  • It always covers both in-patient and OPD treatments
  • No sublimit in sum assured options available
  • The travel insurance covers trip cancellation, tour delay, passport loss, loss of luggage, damage or theft.
  • The primary highlight is often low premiums or discount on premiums when traveling with family or more than 1 member
  • It provides daily allowance in case of hospitalization
  • Best travel insurance plan will also cover compensation for delay of checked in baggage.
  • 24 / 7 customer care and helpline numbers available. One can get the grievances redressed instantly.
  • Therefore, one must compare travel insurance to get the best features. These 9 points are primary feature of good travel insurance. So, always check the features before opting for a travel insurance plan.

    Let's Check Generalized Advantage of Travel Insurance Plans:

  • Travel Insurance is more suitable if it provides region specific plans. Region focused insurance are appropriate as they cover risks specific to regions apart from the common travel insurance cover.

    Region specific plans also ensure you pay premium for the destination or region you are traveling. Therefore, often you can save on premiums and need to pay low premiums. But, low premiums don't mean low features; rather region specific plans provide high features as explained above.

  • Significant advantage of best insurance plan is to get a cover of double sum insured in case of accidents. So, accidents leading to hospitalization or treatments of injury will get covered under sum insured which is double of what you paid for, without any additional costs.
  • Always go for insurance policy that commits of no upper age limit.
  • It benefits get heightened with no per ailment limit.
  • In case of hospitalization get pay per day. The pay per day rates is often better and beneficial in comparison to slabs.
  • It often upgrades your journey to business class.
  • Cashless treatments across the world and fast settlements.
  • Policy terms like auto renewal and online purchase is not only hassle free, but also has ease of accessibility.
  • The above highlights and advantage makes enough reason to opt for insurance while traveling. These points are reminders of the fact that travel woes can be controlled.

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